On the Streets

There are those who would frown on these images, accuse me of intrusion and poverty porn. I say it is education. The fact that these situations persist in the 21st century is deplorable. The fact that they exist in a supposedly 'developing' country which possesses nuclear weapons and has a space program, is indefensible. This is India's shame it would hide from the world. And yes, you will see many smiles which is heartening. But acceptance of a situation does not make it right. And there is much worse out there than what you see here.

Apologies for the quality of some as they were taken on an old phone at night

Street community in Patna

Band of children and their teenage matriarch at Allahabad Junction

Under a flyover in Kolkata

View from a train - West Bengal

Outskirts of Samastipur - Bihar

Roadside basket-weaver community - Pryag Raj (Allahabad)

Transient labourers - Kenduli

Mother & Son - Shantiniketan

Street Family - Ahmedabad

Transient labourer camp - Kumbh Mela




This is his home, with his mobility aid parked out front. He can't walk.



This last one is Kolkata but isn't mine. I find it so poignant I have to include it.

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