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Instead of categorising by location or year, I have separated out these three sets of photos for different reasons.

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Mannequins. Or shop dummies of India are weird, disturbing or even scary. I have always noted this and taken photos of them wherever I see one. Check them out 


I like trains. I do, I'm a bit sad like that. And I especially like photographing people at train windows. Most second class and all third, where they  have a third, have bars instead of glass and internal shutters for night time. Train journeys can be long. The longest is over three days, and that is only two thirds of the length of the country. So, when you see someone at the train window they may have been there for days and be totally sick and tired of it. They may be all smiles and enthusiasm. They could be many things. But to me, they are all interesting and worthy of capture.


Streetlife. This is not so much something I like to do, but something that needs doing. Having said that, it has been a pleasure on many occasions as the subjects are often friendly and happy to see me despite their circumstances. But it is still very very wrong.


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