Cochin (now Kochi) sits on the Keralan coast amidst a network of waterways, lakes and canals. Ernakulam is a district of Cochin on the mainland separated by a massive natural harbour created in the 14th century by a colossal flood.


                      Ernakulam Market


In 1960 this was a small trading port and goods were brought in by boat from the many towns and settlements connected by the system of lakes and canals known as 'The Backwaters'. The physical site still exists but cut off from the canals and overtaken by modern transport it lies now largely derelict. The hustle and bustle of small-time commerce depicted here is a thing of the past. There is a good chance that this is the only moving record of the erstwhile Ernakulam Market

Cochin to Alleppey

Inside the boat


On board the boat from Cochin to Alleppey which is around 50km. It is mostly internal shots of the boat. The external scene at the very start I believe is Mattancherry (district of Fort Cochin).

                      Cochin to Alleppey

                                   Views of the Backwaters


Shot in black and white this film shows us life in and on the largely natural system of waterways known as The Backwaters between Cochin and Alleppey (now Kochi and Alappuzha). Having made a similar trip from Kollam (formerly Quilon) to Alappuzha in 2000 I can say that the scenes were unchanged for the most part. And most likely still are.

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