India Past & Present

This website is dedicated to images of the Indian Subcontinent both still and moving, past and present, created by myself and others no longer with us.*

This section contains roughly two and a half hours of cine film shot around India between Sep 1959 & May 1960 by one Richard Harry Tucker. These films were the original focus of this website. Things have moved on now, and the site has morphed into a more general repository of images both still and moving created by Mr Tucker, myself, and a number of others. This is Mr Tucker's slot now and contains the whole story of the films, how I came upon them, and the search for the initially unknown cameraman in detail.


Video compilations from individual trips made from short clips edited together and set to music. The music is not mine and all

copyright protected. But as it is hosted on YouTube and not monetised in any way, it is not a problem.

This comprises scanned images from my collection of Raj-Era photo albums

although some more recent images are being added.

They are ordered alphabetically by location.

Historic Photos A through M 

Historic Photos N through Z



I have added Flickr buttons to the bottom of the Images of India Past pages.

They link to Flickr albums, where some of the smaller images can be seen more clearly

This is especially good for those viewing this site on a phone

The link below takes you to the main photo stream containing all my historic images



* As far as I know or can ascertain

My Personal Images of India 

The links below are to my personal images both on this site and on Flickr



All the cine films and images past and present are interlinked. Where present day image locations have historic stills or video on the site,

I have added links to those pages and noted they are historic. For example,  the 'Historic Varanasi (Benaras)' link next to each

instance of the city in 'My Own Images' links to the same set of photos of the city in Images of India Past

I have linked 'Present' to 'Past' and 'Past' to 'Present' with both moving and still images.

I hope this isn't too confusing

Every site based page of images has a link to the same images on Flickr

Other Stuff


This was my Pandemic Project. An anthology of tales from my ten trips to India between 1996 and 2019

Just trips off the tongue, doesn't it? Occidental Audiophonical Anecdotes. These are a collection of audio versions of the stories in the above book. But to be honest, I have made a few changes and the audio pieces are more 'product' than true to the original stories. I have jazzed them up a bit. Taken liberties. Lied. Or did I? I might have lied in the first place and have now come clean. You'll never know. But try them anyway.

All imagery, still or moving, plus voice audio are copyright protected 

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