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                       Streets of Gwalior


Street scenes around Gwalior including the 'Tom Lehrer' type adventure



Koteshwar Temple


Were these devotees trekking to the Koteshwar Temple in the larger confines of Gwalior Fort because it was a special day or was this just every day?



Gwalior Sidings


Scenes from the rail sidings around Gwalior Junction. Steam trains and the coal crew.



Gwalior Junction


Fantastic footage of Gwalior's rail station capturing all the aspects in a documentary style, All it needs is the voiceover. Other than the steam trains, much of what you see here you would still see in the station were you to visit it today.


The film ends with boys from the Scindia School returning from a trip. Disembarking from the train and loading luggage into the school bus.

Goat herders


Goatherders on the slopes around the fort.  It's not fantastically interesting, but it's not too long either.

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