If I had to guess - Somewhere near Darjeeling

I absolutely love the above photo by the way.

I am assuming 1900/1901 for both these photos. Maybe the above was taken inside the below

VT-AEG Damaged on landing in the Sunderbans and scrapped in 1936

Possibly circa 1900



The 'Midnight Prowlers'

Extending the Nilgiri Railway?

Now that, is thirst

This could be an early trigonometric survey tower. They were built all over India between 1802 and 1871 for the Great Trigonometric Survey project

                                                      Karai                                                                             Stonemasons-Fyzabad

The following photographs were taken in the mid 1930s. That's all I know

OK, other than this one. I narrowed it to 1935 due to the King George V & Queen Mary Silver Jubilee sign

Somewhere along the Ganges

Unknown Location Photos from the Rigby Album

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