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Richard Harry Tucker - Teacher - Film Maker - All Round Good Egg

The original focus of this website was the films of RH Tucker. The origins and rediscovery if which are dealt with under this tab.  

I think I would have liked Mr. Tucker. When he trained his lens on India, for the most part he captured everyday life. People going about their daily business. This is exactly what I like to do and in that respect we had much in common. His grounding in the Cambridge Film Society made him a master of his art. In that respect we have nothing in common. Working with basic equipment in the confines of the pre-digital age Richard restricted himself to the necessary shots needed to tell the story with very little wastage. Hats off to you R H Tucker.


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R H Tucker - The Search

Investigating the films and who shot them


R H Tucker - The Man

RH Tucker - a potted history


A School in India 

Article written by RH Tucker for his school magazine in Dec 1960 


Film Location Map

Shortcuts to the films via a map


The Films

Voyage Compilation


Bombay to Poona


Cape Comorin








Ellora & Ajanta








Scindia School