1857 and all that

In 1857,  sepoys (Indian troops) of the East India Company army rebelled and large swathes of northern India were swallowed by conflict. The British referred to it as a 'Mutiny'. Some now call it a 'War of Independence'. Delhi became central to the conflict when sepoy troops took the city and the British lay siege. The Kashmir gate (below) was where the  British finally gained entry to the city and the nearby Nicholson Cemetery contains the graves of many who were killed in the loss and retaking of the city. The cemetery is named after John Nicholson, known at the time as the 'Hero of Delhi'. He was a character who carved out a name for himself in the north west frontier region before helping retake Delhi. He was killed in action and buried in the cemetery nearby. This conflict is a particular interest of mine so here we are.

The Kashmir Gate

Grave of Brigadier General John Nicholson

The Nicholson Cemetery and its Guardians