Republic Day Parade


This is the only one I have a date for as Republic day is the 26th January. I guess this is another 'tourist' thing but, to be honest, I have never considered it but I am sure many tourists attend. This part contains footage of the actual parade including the Indian Air Force flypast.

Amateur films of the early Republic Day Parades are rare and the few I have seen are not nearly as good as Richard's

Republic Day Folk Dancing


This part of the Republic Day festivities is celebrating the  traditional dress and dances of India's various regions and possibly tribal groups. I'm afraid I can't say what they are although I suspect the first performers may be Rajasthani.

                         Old Delhi Streets


The video is just under two minutes and I wish it were longer. The film was shot while in Delhi for Republic Day. The only place I recognise is the Jami Masjid or Friday Mosque at the end of the sequence

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